Apang Alui (A tale from Sejiram, Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat)

Once upon a time, it was a small village, which was on bank of river and there lived a poor-lazy farmer, who was unknown how old was he. Although he was lazy, he was friendly man. He, who was called Apang Alui, had a wife and a son, whose name was Alui. They were a happy family. Apang Alui could be known easily as a idiocy-man, which is his characteristic in every story, and he could be a famous because of it.

One day, in the afternoon, it was cloud and wind blew hard. As usually, Apang Alui went fishing alone and brought a tengkin (a basket, which was made from rattan and can store something). When he was being at his field, he checked his trap. He was happy because he looked a mouse deer was trapped. It was lying on the ground and he thought it had died. He neared the mouse deer. While he saw the mouse deer, it woke up.

“Don’t kill me”, said mouse deer frightened. “I’ll obey anything what you want.”

Apang Alui could not say anything. He released mouse deer from the trap. Then he ran to her farm house and toke some various types of powder into a piece of bamboo. He gave it to the mouse deer to bring it to her wife.

“I don’t want to kill you,” Apang Alui told mouse deer. “But you must bring these powders to my wife”.

After accepting the powders, mouse deer went to Apang Alui house in the village. Apang Alui went to fishery and he hoped that mouse deer surrendered to his wife.

It was night and after fishing, Apang Alui went home. He was very happy and walked full of smile. But his happiness was less when he was looking his wife only cooked rice.

“Have you seen a mouse deer come into our house this evening?” asked Apang Alui to his wife.

His wife shook her head. Apang Alui was very sad hearing that. He sat on a chair and thought how to catch the mouse deer again. So, that night, they only ate rice and fish because of Apang Alui’s idiocy.


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