Upstream and Downstream Animals

Long, long ago, when the animals had been an authority over the world, there was a green-large-and-wild jungle, which had many small-big animals that lived together. They lived in the different area of the jungle. The big-and-tall animals, which was leaded a lion, lived in downstream jungle, but some animals, which were small-thin-bodied, chosen to live in upstream jungle.

For few years, they had lived peaceful without war. But the lion wanted to expand the upstream jungle. One day, a message, which certain the challenge from the downstream animals, had frightened the upstream animals. A clever mouse deer, that’s was a leader of upstream animals, heard what was going on. He came to them and convinced them that it could not be a big problem. After he told it, he invited some his friend to discuss it. Then, they replayed the message of downstream animals.

Few days later, the downstream animal delivered a new message. They would attack the upstream jungle. This time, mouse deer invited all of upstream animal and he suggested them to cover in a safety place. Then, he and some other animals made a strategy to defend their lovely jungle. They were a mouse deer, which was the leader, a boar, a snail and a porcupine.

Exactly, in the early morning, on the attacking day, the lion leaded his downstream animals to move up into the upstream jungle. They destroyed everything that prevented them. But, in the first line of the upstream animals’ defense, which was a group of snail, their feet were hurt because of snail’s shell, and their attack became slowly. Some downstream animals could not continue their movement because of their hurt. On the second line, it was a group of boar. The downstream animals still continued their attack, and the boars shut them by a smell-loud fart. They were being totter and some of them had fallen down. The lion was very angry seeing his friends fallen. He did not stop and kept attacking. In the last line, it was a group of porcupine, mouse deer instructed the porcupines to shut the lion by using their quills. The lion screamed loudly, he was shut and fallen down breathlessly, die.

The upstream animals completely defeated the downstream animals which convinced it. Mouse deer negotiated with a new-young lion, which was a leader of downstream animals that they would never attack again forever. After that attacking, they felt great peacefulness.


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