Another hidden-natural resource in Kapuas Hulu Regency

Kalimantan, also called as Borneo, is a big island that has a lot of natural resources. Based on politically and nationally region division, there are three states (Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia) own the island. Indonesia has four provinces in Kalimantan they are West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.

Like other provinces, West Kalimantan is one of the provinces in Indonesia has also many potentialities in tourism objects that can be developed as tourism asset. These potentialities have been promoted by the province government cooperated with the Cultural and Tourism Department Pontianak in their programs “Visit Kalbar 2010” and should be enlarged to gain income and to contribute societies’ prosperous. But it is better to be known that every decision, especially in developing tourism objects, have much strength and weaknesses, and the government should be aware it well. The program also gives a great opportunity to all regency, particularly Kapuas Hulu Regency, in West Kalimantan in managing and developing their tourism objects more operatively.

Kapuas Hulu Regency, with Pusussibau as its capital, geographically is located between 0.5o North Latitude and 1.4o south Latitude, and between 111.40o-114.40o Longitude East (Bamba 2008:58). The regency has 29.482 km2 or 20,33% of West Kalimantan width 146.807 km2 (compare Culture and Tourism Department 2005:447 and Bamba 2005:58).

The tourism in Kapuas Hulu Regency has long developed primarily on cultural tourism, national park tourism and natural tourism such as Betung Kerihun National Park, Danau Sentarum National Park, Betang Panjang (Longhouse) Cultural Site etc. The government efforts in planning and managing its tourism industry in Kapuas Hulu Regency have been implemented by becoming the tourism fascination as the tourism object.
Kapuas Hulu Regency has also many interesting fascinations need to be developed and to be preserved like natural and cultural heritage that grow and bloom there. There are least people who know about the fascination. When we trace farther about tourism objects exist in Kapuas Hulu Regency, there are many potencies that own its fascination. But, because the popularity of the objects is not assorted with another tourism object, there are only a part of people know the object. It means that there are a lot of people who have ever known Kapuas Hulu Regency only be familiar with several tourism objects most often are called to, like Betung Kerihun National Park, Danau Sentarun National Park, etc.

List of sites and caretakers in Kapuas Hulu Regency
Source: Site of Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram (2011)

Guhung Tinggis

In the early morning, some friends of mine – Kurnil, Lius, and Dwi – had come to my house. We had planned to visit Guhung Tinggis (language of Suhaid Dayaknese) meaning ‘high waterfall’ in Beluis Harum village exactly at Dusun Beluis Lelam which is about 9 km from Sejiram Village the capital of Seberuang Subdistrict.

My brothers – Tamton and Tondi – had ever come to the waterfall with their friends few weeks ago also came with us, and we went by motorcycles. About 10 minutes, we had come to Dusun Beluis Lelam and met some friends were waiting for us. Then we parked our motorcycles there and continued our travel on foot because we could not use motorcycles had to pass some hills to get to Guhung Tinggis located at Kelapai Hill. It needs one half hour to come to the place which is about 3 km from society settlement. It was a very tiring journey, but as long as our journey we could see beautiful scenery and creature there. An original forest still can be felt there.

Because of its beautiful scenery, many people, especially local resident in Seberuang Subistrict, have come to the Guhung Tinggis and most of them are teenager. They usually visit Guhung Tinggis in weekend or holiday. But unfortunately, developing efforts from local resident and government are less. It is caused some people of the elders in Dusun Beluis Lelam do not permit if Guhung Tinggis is developed as natural tourism object remembering there will be more impact of tourism can be happened, especially in environmental impact. The effort of government in showing their participation to the existence of Guhung Tinggis is by giving operational fund that aim to make dam (clean water source) rooted in Guhung Tinggis.


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