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Good Idea, Good Experience


In the middle of day, after we have finished from school, my friend, Iwan, talks to us (Mr. Adim, Mr. Leo, Ms. Okta, Ms. Eva and Ms. Nike) about his idea visiting his father’s farm in Gurung (local calls Guhung) on weekend. We really agree about it and we make a plan to go there by motorcycle.
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The Two Brothers

Once upon a time, lived two brothers who did not have parents anymore. They lived in a small-wooden house on a river bank. After the death of their parents, they had to farm and hunt by themselves.
One day, when they were hunting, they found a shiny stone. It looked like an egg but shiny like gold. Then they came home and had a plan to search again at the location where they had found that stone the next day. Perhaps they could find another treasure there. After having dinner they went early to their beds. The young brother slept and dreamed that night. Continue reading The Two Brothers

Surprising Visit – A Grateful Representation

Long time ago, in a small village in Kalimantan, there were teenager girls, Itut and her sister, Inut. They were teenagers, daughter of family farmer and very beautiful. Many people liked and fell in love with them because of their beauty. Not far from their village, there was a handsome young man, called Cipuak. He was a clever person and his father was a widowed. They lived in a small house in the center of their rubber plantation. Continue reading Surprising Visit – A Grateful Representation