Surprising Visit – A Grateful Representation

Long time ago, in a small village in Kalimantan, there were teenager girls, Itut and her sister, Inut. They were teenagers, daughter of family farmer and very beautiful. Many people liked and fell in love with them because of their beauty. Not far from their village, there was a handsome young man, called Cipuak. He was a clever person and his father was a widowed. They lived in a small house in the center of their rubber plantation.

One day, when many people went to Itut and Inut’s farm in paddy plantation period, Itut and Inut met Cipuak in their farm. They became getting along with each other. After people finished planting paddy, they went home together with the people. Unfortunately, in the middle of their trip, they met a bear. It was big-black-grizzly bear. Without any sign, many people included Itut and Inut run away from the bear and saved their selves, but Cipuak made another decision. He faced the bear alone. The bear saw Cipuak and tried to scratch him, but Cipuak did not scare. He run to another direction and made the bear far from their village. After running for a long time, Cipuak and the bear reached tembawang (a hill where there are many fruit trees like durian, mango etc.). At the edge of the hill, Cipuak screamed loudly and threw his clothes to the bear. Because Cipuak’s clothes smelt like human’s smell, the bear stopped running. The bear became interested with the clothes, scratched it into pieces and forgot about Cipuak. Cipuak was saved from the bear because of his clothes.

The next day, in the early morning, many people came to Cipuak’s house. They wanted to ask about the bear because they known that Cipuak was the last person who did not run from the bear. Then, Cipuak told them how he made the bear away from him and their village. They were surprised and thankful about Cipuak’s effort, but inside his heart, Cipuak did not see Itut and Inut among the people. He was sad.

At night, someone knocked Cipuak’s house door. Cipuak got up from his bed and opened the door. He was surprised and happy. He saw Itut and Inut because it was a surprising visit. After welcoming to his house, Itut and Inut gave him some food as grateful representation for helping them and their village from the bear.


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