The Two Brothers

Once upon a time, lived two brothers who did not have parents anymore. They lived in a small-wooden house on a river bank. After the death of their parents, they had to farm and hunt by themselves.
One day, when they were hunting, they found a shiny stone. It looked like an egg but shiny like gold. Then they came home and had a plan to search again at the location where they had found that stone the next day. Perhaps they could find another treasure there. After having dinner they went early to their beds. The young brother slept and dreamed that night.
The next day was coming, the younger brother told his brother to take the stone back to its place. He worried that bad thing would come to them. But his brother refused to take it back and continued with their plan. After a whole day they traced the area where they found the stone, they found nothing. But they meet an old man who wore long-black clothes and carried a white stick. They asked that old man to come to their house and he agreed.
After having lunch and a short conversation, the old man saw a shiny stone near the bed. He asked them where they found it. The young brother told the story to him but his brother wanted the old man to help them find another precious stone. The old man was angry to them and asked why they did not take it back to the place where they found it. He transformed himself became a ghost and tried to catch and eat them. The two brothers hid themselves. The big brother hid in a scroll of carpet and his brother hid in a mosquito net. The ghost became angrier because he could not see them. Then he saw the carpet was like a tree and then he scratched out the carpet which caused the big brother to die. Fortunately, the ghost could not find the younger brother because he thought that the mosquito net was like a big stone which he could not scratched out. The young brother survived from that murder.
This story usually is told for children before they go to sleep reminding them to use mosquito net while they are sleeping to protect them from the ghost (= mosquito, Malaria and dengue diseases).


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