Good Idea, Good Experience


In the middle of day, after we have finished from school, my friend, Iwan, talks to us (Mr. Adim, Mr. Leo, Ms. Okta, Ms. Eva and Ms. Nike) about his idea visiting his father’s farm in Gurung (local calls Guhung) on weekend. We really agree about it and we make a plan to go there by motorcycle.

The day we are waiting for is coming. I am ready and have bought some drinks to be brought to Gurung. We also have made appointment at 13 o’clock to gather at Ms. Okta’s house. When I arrive, I see they all have been there waiting for me. After we have talked for a while, we decide to go to Gurung soon. If we want to go to Gurung, we have to pass a village, called Keledan, and we need about 20 minutes to get to Gurung.

When we arrive in Gurung, Mr. Iwan has waited for us at Catholic church. Then we continue our trip to the farm. In the middle of trip, we take some pictures because scenes is very natural.


After walking for 15 minutes, we arrived at that farm which full of paddy and corn. We are surprised because Mr. Iwan’s parents have waited for us there and they are lifting grass out. Then Mr. Iwan’s father has us to pick some corn to be eaten by burning its. The corn is very sweet and we take the chance well. After burning and eating those corns, we ask Mr. Iwan to let us taking some corn to be brought to. He agreed. So, look at those images! This is one of my exciting experience living in Sejiram, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.







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