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Salung – Clever and brave kid.

I used to think and learn how to draw in perfect line, perfect shapes or others perfect-perfect-perfect. But now I try to open my mind, just to start drawing, drawing and drawing. First, I draw it on paper. Make dark and bold line. Then I scan it to computer. Finally, I colors it and add some layers on it.

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It’s about Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram


Few years ago, when Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram has been announced as historical building in Kapuas Hulu Regency by the government, Mr. Matheus Kusai (61 years old), was the first man who selected to take care of the church. He was a catechist in Dangkan Parish House before he moved to Sejiram in 1980’s and worked there.

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