It’s about Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram


Few years ago, when Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram has been announced as historical building in Kapuas Hulu Regency by the government, Mr. Matheus Kusai (61 years old), was the first man who selected to take care of the church. He was a catechist in Dangkan Parish House before he moved to Sejiram in 1980’s and worked there.

The picture in this post is the preview and stuffs of Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram Site which is taken by Mr. Kosmas Suhadi (a local citizen in Sejiram) who works in a Credit Union Tri Tapang Kasih Sejiram. He is very interested in the history of the church and care about the existence the church.

Together with Mr. Kosmas, Mr. Kusai and Priest in that time, they have idea to take some pictures about some antique stuffs which is believed it was taken by the first missioners to Sejiram. They believe, it may be useful one day to make the next efforts. Hopefully.


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