Monthly Archives: July 2017

Season of the Year

It has been three days since the last rain fell in some particular places in West Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Now, people are missing and expecting that it will be raining again. Because of that, many people have been talking that dry season is coming. Talking about dry season, it reminds me about a lovely experience during dry season few years ago in Sejiram.D

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Straight into the Good Hearts

Edo Mungan

Nowadays, by development of digital globalization era, many people, especially the elders and the young in Sejiram, have begun forgetting their authentic tradition and culture such as oral literature as traditional works and others. As an example, many parents have not loved to narrate bedtime stories such as folktales or fables to their children anymore because their children have been more attracted to play with their new gadgets. Both the elders and the young are inclined to be more interested to compare their culture to another culture rather than maintaining or developing their own tradition and culture. Because of that, when there is a traditional event either in or outside Sejiram, the people, who organize the event, have to look for or borrow traditional clothes and musical instruments from another village.

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