Together We are Stronger

Even in a small region, it is better for us to sit together discussing our problems, objectives and its solutions for the future, because our action is definitely needed for our next generation.


For Those who Keep Learning

This writing has been made as a meditation or reflection in celebrating the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia on Thursday, August 17th, 2017.

By celebrating the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia and through this writing, I would like to share my experience as a language learner. My experiences have taught me that to be a language learner has many challenges, especially in learning English as foreign languase. English language is not the first language I have actually acquired in my language learning, because in my village, Sejiram, there are many Dayaks’ languages that I have first heard. Because of that, the following description illustrates my greatest challenge in the language learning.

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A Good Will

Starting an effort to educate a child is definitely a challenged experience for me as a senior high school teacher few years ago in Sejiram, where my family lived in. Because, it is believed that to begin a new thing is the hardest way to be done. Even though there are many limitations have to be faced, there must be some other ways that we can do and all of those have to be done with a good will. 

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Season of the Year

It has been three days since the last rain fell in some particular places in West Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Now, people are missing and expecting that it will be raining again. Because of that, many people have been talking that dry season is coming. Talking about dry season, it reminds me about a lovely experience during dry season few years ago in Sejiram.D

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Nowadays, living in a fresh and natural environment is very interesting idea and a good plan. We can enjoy the nature with many plants and living things around us. My house is located in the middle of a rubber plantation and near swamp which has red-dark water resource that is never dry. The best experience I ever have is when we moved to that house in 1995. I saw a deer near the swamp and it was amazing.

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