Surprising Visit – A Grateful Representation

Long time ago, in a small village in Kalimantan, there were teenager girls, Itut and her sister, Inut. They were teenagers, daughter of family farmer and very beautiful. Many people liked and fell in love with them because of their beauty. Not far from their village, there was a handsome young man, called Cipuak. He was a clever person and his father was a widowed. They lived in a small house in the center of their rubber plantation. Continue reading “Surprising Visit – A Grateful Representation”


Another hidden-natural resource in Kapuas Hulu Regency

Kalimantan, also called as Borneo, is a big island that has a lot of natural resources. Based on politically and nationally region division, there are three states (Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia) own the island. Indonesia has four provinces in Kalimantan they are West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. Continue reading “GUHUNG TINGGIS”

Upstream and Downstream Animals

Long, long ago, when the animals had been an authority over the world, there was a green-large-and-wild jungle, which had many small-big animals that lived together. They lived in the different area of the jungle. The big-and-tall animals, which was leaded a lion, lived in downstream jungle, but some animals, which were small-thin-bodied, chosen to live in upstream jungle.

For few years, they had lived peaceful without war. But the lion wanted to expand the upstream jungle. One day, a message, which certain the challenge from the downstream animals, had frightened the upstream animals. A clever mouse deer, that’s was a leader of upstream animals, heard what was going on. He came to them and convinced them that it could not be a big problem. After he told it, he invited some his friend to discuss it. Then, they replayed the message of downstream animals. Continue reading “Upstream and Downstream Animals”

The Senselessness of Apang Alui

You have ever known that there is a short-and-funny story about an old-and-folly man called Apang Alui whose name is Jabab. One day, in the early morning, before people had woken up, Apang Alui was asked Tantai, her wife, to gather mushroom. So, he went out alone and brought a basket. He did not know where he must go to gather the mushroom. He just walked and walked through a jungle.

Fortunately, he found a nest of bee. He came to close the nest and tried to gather it. While he tried to gather it, he was stung by the bee. He thought that the mushroom usual sting. So he did not care the wound and still continued gathering them into the basket. Then he returned to his home. Continue reading “The Senselessness of Apang Alui”

Apang Alui (A tale from Sejiram, Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat)

Once upon a time, it was a small village, which was on bank of river and there lived a poor-lazy farmer, who was unknown how old was he. Although he was lazy, he was friendly man. He, who was called Apang Alui, had a wife and a son, whose name was Alui. They were a happy family. Apang Alui could be known easily as a idiocy-man, which is his characteristic in every story, and he could be a famous because of it. Continue reading “Apang Alui (A tale from Sejiram, Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan Barat)”

The Site of Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram

Sejiram, which is located about 617 kilometers Northeast from Pontianak (the capital of West Kalimantan) and 119 kilometers from Putussibau (the capital of Kapuas Hulu Regency), is the capital of Seberuang Subdistrict where the site of Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram located.

It was in 1892, on the bank of river Seberuang, some people who are local citizen built a church. It is called the Catholic Church of Saint Fidelis Sejiram. But few years later, the church had been fired. It is known that the church had been renovated two times since it had been built. The church is the oldest building and the Christian’s pride building in Sejiram. Continue reading “The Site of Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram”

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