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Thank you very much for all bloggers who always support me to continue my blogging hobby. Never stop learning.



Because we have learnt that we can live by our own way, we must consider many things when we choose our life out of reach.

We may still stand for a while, but the first we must be consistent because we have to defend what we have done and continue what we have started.

A Warm Conversation

After almost a year apart, finally I can meet Agus and David, who are my college friends while in STBA Pontianak. That’s because they live in Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province, and I live in Putussibau, Kapuas Hulu District, the eastern region of West Kalimantan. It takes about 14 hours using a bus and approximately an hour using a plane. Although we have recently separated, there have been some changes we have experienced such as in our families and even to our works. Some of our expectations are achieved, but many of them are failed and even have to stop in the middle of a struggle. All of that became our warm conversation at a coffee shop in Pontianak.

Sharing about how we live is better than talking about how other people live. Stop comparing our lives with others.