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Ensibuh – Dragonfly

It does not matter if we spend our break time with different ways. See these beautiful dragonflies which we name ensibuh in Dayak language in Sejiham. They have different ways in perching. When I took these photographs, I had to come closely and quietly moved my handphone to capture these beautiful moments.


Green Energy

A green thing – besides another colourful thing – can make us feel fresh when we feel tired or bored. Enjoying nature with many green things is an easy way to get full recovery of mind because the green thing can influence us to feel much new energy.


Nowadays, living in a fresh and natural environment is very interesting idea and a good plan. We can enjoy the nature with many plants and living things around us. My house is located in the middle of a rubber plantation and near swamp which has red-dark water resource that is never dry. The best experience I ever have is when we moved to that house in 1995. I saw a deer near the swamp and it was amazing.

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