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The Senselessness of Apang Alui

You have ever known that there is a short-and-funny story about an old-and-folly man called Apang Alui whose name is Jabab. One day, in the early morning, before people had woken up, Apang Alui was asked Tantai, her wife, to gather mushroom. So, he went out alone and brought a basket. He did not know where he must go to gather the mushroom. He just walked and walked through a jungle.

Fortunately, he found a nest of bee. He came to close the nest and tried to gather it. While he tried to gather it, he was stung by the bee. He thought that the mushroom usual sting. So he did not care the wound and still continued gathering them into the basket. Then he returned to his home. Continue reading The Senselessness of Apang Alui