Longing and Familiarity in Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram

If it is not done from now, then when? That is one of the basic questions of several changes and developments that make Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram increasingly known and get a great attention from various parties, both from the people who live around Sejiram and from outside the region, and from the Catholic Church to the Government. This is because Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram has become the most valuable heritage in Sejiram which has reconstructed several times, both heavy and light reconstructions. Even so, it does not reduce the value and its meaning to make it as a historical building which has a very important role for the development of Catholics that originated from Sejiram Village, Seberuang District, Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Province.

In 2018, Gereja Katolik Santo Fidelis Sejiram has been reconstructed which focused on the aspects of the initial building structure when the church was first built. Father Yohanes Sukiman, CP as a parish priest strongly supports that reconstruction and together with the support of all the local people have tried their best efforts to finish the reconstruction. Hopefully, this reconstruction will further increase the longing for local people to further enhance the familiarity of Catholics to Jesus Christ. Amen.

Photos by Father Yohanes Sukiman, CP – September 2018


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